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Trim Your Wicks

Why is trimming your wick is so important?

Trimming your wick is important because you will avoid: large flame, black smoke (soot) and/or dancing flame (flickering).

When you trim your wick, you prolong the burn hour of your candle, a cleaner burn with little to no soot around the jar and no mushrooming of the wick.

Why do I keep repeating myself to trim your wick?

Well, it's for safety reason.

A black smoke coming out may stain your wall. Hopefully your candle is not by your wall. It's dangerous!!!

Do you notice black soot around your jar? The reason for this is the large wick. Trim your wick!

So grab a nail cutter or a scissor and cut your wick 1/4 inch.

Trim it 1/4 inch prior to lighting your candle, it will help prolong burn hour, have a clean burn and little to no soot around the jar.


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